Everday Creativity, with Dewitt Jones

“Creativity is the ability to look at the ordinary and see the extraordinary.”
— Dewitt Jones

This 22 minute video preview of a creativity program developed by Dewitt Jones — renowned National Geographic photographer — contains many metaphors for life and how to live it.  Focus, perspective, balance, passion, caring, and light, are all within us to help achieve our personal and professional goals.

Is some out of balance emotion obstructing your ability to be the person you want yourself to be right now?  Anxiety, fear, depression, grief, life, can loom so large at times that we cannot see our way over, around or through.

This video clip may help you “…feel inspired and encouraged to apply his [DJ’s] simple yet powerful life techniques to your everyday challenges.”

See from different perspectives; move in to a position to choose from several right solutions.

Watch the video preview of Everyday Creativity, with Dewitt Jones

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