The Power of Relationships

Relationships are central to, and integral in, our lives.  All relationships begin with the self and then circle out to our loved ones, our work, and even out into the world around us.  In a sense, our relationships define the world in which we live.

The following breakdown speaks to the connection between our inner relationship and our inter relationships…

The Self

The self is central to all relationships. Do you listen to yourself? Do you behave the way you tell yourself to? The smallest improvement in yourself initiates ripples of positive change from you, to your loved ones, to your work relationships and out into the world.

Loved Ones

Connecting with your loved ones is essential. Do you express to your loved ones the love you would like to feel?


Our work is a major component of our life. Is your work nurturing to your self? Are your relationships with your co-workers healthy and supportive?


Our interactions with ourselves, our loved ones, and our work all fall under the umbrella of “relationships.”  Imagine the relationships you would like to have.  Learn to create your relationships the way you would like them to be.  Learn to create the life you’d love to have. Learn to build around you the world in which you’d love to live.

In addition to the fundamental relationships above, the therapeutic relationship — the rapport between the therapist and client — is an essential element of the healing process.   The therapeutic relationship can often determine the effectiveness and success of the therapy itself.  I enjoy developing a supportive, productive relationship with my clients, in order to best help them with the relationships in their lives, and to help them achieve their desired goals.

Please contact me for a free phone consultation, and learn how healing the relationships in your life can change the world in which you live.