Community Can Reduce Stress

What is a great way to stress less?  Gather in the presence of others who share common interests. Pacific Palisades, a slightly remote corner of Los Angeles, between Santa Monica and Malibu is losing a little bookstore which as been a gathering place for community, a place for warm bodies to get together in an atmosphere which fosters positive interaction.  We are emotional, socially driven mammals who benefit from positive, personal interaction. As more and more of our ability to safely and easily mingle with other people disappears, our STRESS levels increase.

The closing of Village Books, is a sign of the times.  Going in to say our goodbyes, many of us could not hold back tears.  This is going on everywhere.

The Internet is an amazing resource, but keep your eyes open for opportunities to be part of live, face-to-face communities.  Become conscious of the communities you are already in – your gym, your work, and school.  Look for people who share common interests.  We need to nurture and encourage positive, healthy, social interaction.

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