Your Body Is Your Subconscious Mind

New Insights Into the Body/Mind Connection

By Candace Pert

We often hear about the mind body connection. From what I’ve learned, I believe the there can be no possible disconnection. I recently listened on CD to Scientist Candace Pert’s audio book, Your Body is Your Subconscious Mind.

Click on the CD image to the right or the link above and scroll down the page to hear a sample and read the description. I, and probably many of us, have pictured cells in our brains as different from other cells in the body. Pert helps us understand how truly interconnected the mind and the body are, giving new meaning to the expressions “gut feeling”, “heart felt”, and “it sends shivers down my spine”.

Pert says the difference between man and other animals is that human beings can choose where to place their attention. To know how our feeling and thoughts inter-relate gives us more power to choose where to place our attention, so that we’re better able to promote our desired behaviors.

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