No, It’s Not Just the Thought that Counts

For 27 years I swam every day, first a mile, then ½ a mile.  I plotted and schemed to fit my swim in to my schedule.  Then one day many years ago, as I sat on the edge of the pool not wanting to go in I thought, “I have exercised almost every day of my life and a huge percentage of the time I have had this conversation going on in my head, something like: “I don’t feel like (in this case) swimming.  This is taking too much time.  I’m too tired,” and numerous other rationalizations.  Then, I thought, “But how silly is this thinking?  I know I’m going to swim.  Well, I’ll just get in and if I don’t like it I can get out.”  There were times that I conned myself for a whole mile.  But I always swam and always felt better, even great, mentally and physically.

Summary of faulty connection repair:

  1. I am thinking negative thoughts, which are causing negative feelings.
  2. The programmed mind/body sense ultimately reminds me that I always feel good afterwards.
  3. Having become conscious of the mind body process, I can delete the negative section, the to do or not to do thoughts, and the negative feelings.
  4. Now the whole experience is mostly happy and my life is enriched.

As a therapist, I am helping people expose problematic wiring.  Together we examine the short-circuiting, and rewire in a way that lights you up.

  1. You become conscious of problematic thoughts and accompanying feelings.
  2. Develop clarity about the distinctions between thoughts and feelings.
  3. Re-pair thoughts and feelings according to what you would like to have happen.
  4. The result is more effective, empowering and enriched relationships.

It’s not the thought, but the thought + feeling that counts.

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