Enter the Thought-Free Zone with Mantra Meditation

Popularized by the Beatles, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi brought Transcendental Meditation to the USA in the mid 60s and started a meditation revolution. I was in a fortunate position and received my mantra from the Maharishi in a room alone with him at the Plaza Hotel.  The instruction was to keep your mantra secret.  It was designed especially for you.  And you were to meditate for 20 minutes,  twice a day.  The effects were immediately apparent. I have never since questioned the value of meditation. But to develop a consistent practice is an ongoing pursuit.

In 1986 I learned Vipassana, the basis for Mindfulness practices, and have practiced that form of meditation predominately.  Also I use various sound tracks, guided meditations and hypnosis.  Recently I had a desire to return to my mantra and enjoyed simplicity and ease in my practice.  The following two introductions to mantra meditation will give you a good idea about meditation, and introduce a universal, easy to use mantra, “So Hum”.  But there are thousands of other mantras out there – find one that suits you best, or create your own!  As with any practice, the main goal is to do it!  So, for your support:

1. Instructions on the “So Hum” meditation, from Deepak Chopra.  Try using music to accompany your practice!
“So Hum” meditation instructions, from Deepak Chopra »

2. Shiva Rae, in Yoga Journal, imparts wise words about meditation and uses the same, “So Hum” Mantra:
Read A Higher Hum: Breath and Mantra Meditation at YogaJournal.com »

I hope you will enjoy and use these as guides.  And, I would love to hear about your experiences.

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