Why Weight?

The mind/body/food connection is made very clear in this to the point craving eliminator video by hypnotist Jim Katsoulis

The goal is to want to eat what supports the body you want.  And YES, you can reverse programming that may have come from family, friends and thousands of ads on a daily basis, which link pleasurable emotions to the food they are selling, which ultimately bring more pain than pleasure.

What will really work is for you to want the foods that support your body and mind to function optimally—that’s real pleasure, and that is the way nature intended.

The keys to success are mindful eating, compassion and self-hypnosis.  With persistence and patience you begin to automatically desire what makes you feel good in your body and enjoy your work and play.

This may be common sense to some, but does it make sense to you?  Let us know in a comment, below!

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