Are You Weighting?

Lose your mind and come to your senses!  Get out of your head and experience the pleasure of smart foods that tickle your taste buds and feel good in your tummy, leaving you feeling light in body, mind and spirit.

Hypnosis and Mindfulness have healthy statistics that show their efficacy in weight removal and maintenance. Group, and individual therapy are strong supports. Gain skills and tools to-go, such as personalized self-hypnosis and mindfulness audios to take home.

We are all experts in the difficulties of dieting!  Practically every magazine for the last 10 years features the last diet you will ever have to go on.  The focus is on what to eat, how much you can eat, and many unsustainable, unhealthy regimes, which leave your body feeling deprived and crying for balance.  Feeling deprived doesn’t work.  Is it your time to master your habits in relation to food?

Click here to download our “Why Weight?” support group flyer!

Watch the simple facts about food for life in this brief video from the Centers for Disease Control — Finding A Balance:

You knew that!  Take action now.  Put yourself on the road to success.  Change your relationship with food.  Replace conflict with compassion.

There’s nothing to it but to do it.  Do it right here and right now ; )

Click here to download our “Why Weight?” support group flyer!

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