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Listening and beyond…

Listening is an auditory skill, but the kind of listening we really crave involves all the senses, including feelings. So as you tune in to the words, try to remember to tune into the feelings behind them, too – this is where the true connections can be found.

A Metaphor for the Potential of Your Therapy

I found this inspiring regarding telling and retelling stories and thought you might too. This is a metaphor for the chief modality that informs my practice, namely: Post-modern therapy, which includes Narrative and Brief Solution-focused therapy.

“The real thing”, “Lasting love”

Ellen McCarthy’s new book covers the advice she gathered from more than 200 couples, the weddings she attended and the experts she met on the beat at the Washington Post. McCarthy joins “CBS This Morning” to discuss what she learned.

Try a Little Empathy, You’ll Like It!

Often, even if well intended, we defend or dismiss. Try empathy when your spouse, child, friend, or colleague expresses feeling like they’re stuck in a hole. Meeting people where they are instead of trying to fix the situation may feel good to you too

Trading Places

Who is in charge you or your emotions? Would you like to trade places so that you are in charge? Our language identifies us with our emotions — we speak as though the person is the problem. YOU are not the problem. The PROBLEM is the problem.

Emotion Follows Motion Part II

Positive posture supports us to create positive states — internally and externally, mentally and physically. For insight and inspiration, enjoy this TED Talk from social psychologist, Amy Cuddy, on how your body language shapes who you are.

The Tapping Solution & One Giant Step Towards Mainstreaming Mindfulness Practice

This video shows Jessica Ortner’s interview of Congressman Tim Ryan about his new book, Mindful Nation, plus exciting and encouraging news about attempts to engage the congressmen and women co-workers in some mindful moments.

The First Present from which All Presents Come is Presence

Be here now. Take some time throughout the day wherever you are, whatever you are doing. Take a break to awaken your senses. Give yourself the gift of presence.

WAIT! Before you stress even one more time, watch this!

We can embrace, welcome, allow, and use sensations in our bodies to enhance the lives of others and ourselves. Watch the following TED Talk from Psychologist Kelly McGonigal for some great tips on how to make these conversions.

No, It’s Not Just the Thought that Counts

As a therapist, I am helping people expose problematic wiring. Together we examine the short-circuiting, and rewire in a way that lights you up.